Flooding: Mayaro-Mafeking Village

For the second time in the year Mafeking Village is once again flooded, all thanks to the rain, poor drainage and of course persons constantly littering. As the rain continues falling; at this point in time the only vehicles capable of passing through the dirty waters are Trucks and Vans. If your vehicle is a car consider yourself stuck, however if you aren’t in your right mind you may take the chance and pass through the water, this is not advisable.

The last flood which took place in October resulted in the loss of crops and mainly appliances along with furniture. This time around the aftermath is expected to be much worse. The water levels are growing increasingly high with rain fall unlikely to cease any time soon. The last flood took approximately two days to subside; it may possibly be three or even four leading into the New Year.

Flooding in Mafeking has been the norm in recent years and it will continue to be a huge problem if nothing is done to resolve the issue. As the river is ridiculously close to the road when rain falls and fills the river, in no time water accumulates in the road .

The water has settled at two major parts of the Naparima Mayaro Road making it impossible to reach places such as Sangre Grande and Rio Claro. Water has also settled in the inner part of Mafeking Village and Chrysostom Trace leaving residents paralyzed. So if you have plans to go Mayaro on New Year’s you can cancel those plans pronto.