I saw a buck twice..or at least I think so.

So d first time I was about 4 or 5 years living in Golconda. I was going upstairs for my bookbag to go by my neighbour because he had to help me with some homework. When I walk up d step and went by d center table in the drawing room to grab my bag I see this weird looking white one-eye ting under d table. I skate out ah dey so fast! Up to now I not 100% sure what it was...but I know I was real damn frighten.

Second time I was in STD 2 I think and was going Jordan Hill Presbyterian school and we was playing some football on d ground lunchtime. All of a sudden we see this boy running in d bush and some white looking kinda ting. All ah we gone down to check it out and we see d short little white ting running wit d boy in d bush. We follow it all d way down and when we find d boy we see him tie up on a guava tree. By this time EVERYBODY dead frighten so we ask him what happen? D man say a buck tie him up. :D

Best part about the second scenario is after everything the principal come on d P.A system and tell everybody "Allyuh..calm down a buck is jus a dollar". I coulda dead HAHAHA

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